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Valubuild in Delray Beach Florida took approximately $15,000 from me for the purchase of building materials. They claim to be a manufacturer of structural insulated panels. These panels are used in place of conventional framing to build energy efficient homes.

I worked with their drafting department for about three months on my particular design. A price was determined and I signed the contract for that price and forwarded $2,000 down payment. They later requested another $3,200 for "heavy engineering".

In accordance with the contract, $10,500 was disbursed from my construction loan in order to ship the materials. Then to my horror they informed me the price increased by approximately $17,000 !!!

Please note that they informed me of this substantial price increase after they gashed me for $15000.

So far all I have for the $15,000 Valubuild received from me is a set of plans, a manual, and a hole in my pocket I couldn't afford.

Four years later all I received is a set of drawings and a manual. I ended up using a local company, Thermal Foam. They gave me great support as well as an excellent product.

One lesson in this is to have an attorney you can trust involved in any transaction where there is substantial money involved. Unfortunately for me, my attorney was either incompetent or just didn't care.

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